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Welcome to 3L Communications where we deliver Big Technology for Small Business.  3L Communications provides its customers comprehensive communications solutions which include (a) state-of-the art business systems - both traditional and IP-based systems, (b) local and long distance services using our own advanced digital network** and (c) customer care resources intent on ensuring that your communications system maximizes the productivity of your entire organization.  To put it simply, if you have a problem that you believe could be solved by a communications solution - we'll work with you to deliver that solution.

Please note:3L Communications is not a telemarketer and does not make telemarketing calls.  If you are contacted by a telemarketer using telephone numbers assigned to 3L Communications and believe the telemarketer contacted you in violation of law, please contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) or the Missouri Attorney General at the numbers listed below.  3L Communications will work in full cooperation with applicable authorities to address all reported complaints.
FTC: (888) 382-1222
FCC: (888) 225-5322
Missouri Attorney General: (866) 662-2551 


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